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Where is the Best Hen or stag night city to visit in Poland?

Where is the Best Hen or stag night city to visit in Poland? Good question, but if we strip down the main candidates, then we should find a suitable answer. Firstly let's look at the main Stag and Hen night cities: Gdansk (includes Sopot and Gdynia), Wroclaw and Poznan. Before I continue, I should say the reason Krakow was emitted. To be honest the city is a victim of its own success.  And it has lost much of the essence that made it polish. For example, the restaurant staff greeting you in English first; it's all so... international. Now this is not a criticism, Krakow is a great city and definitely worth visiting. And while the architecture of the city is very much Polish, the city and the climate is modern and metropolitan. For somebody wanting a stag or Hen weekend away in Poland, being in a Polish city and rubbing shoulders with the locals is all part of the package.

Having spent much time in all three cities with both stag, hen and mixed groups, this conclusion was quite difficult to reach.  If I was going with a mixed group, it would be the Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. By day you have Gdansk and the cultural old town, with Sopot and Gdynia beaches and seaside bars for the evening. It is romantic, but having a few glasses of wine on the Molo (Sopot Pier) overlooking the harbour... It's not quite the same if you're on a stag night standing next to Stevie, Joe and the other guys form rugby. The Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia for me offer more and can be enjoyed more as a mixed group.

Couple on Sopot beach soaking up the sun

Hens would be most welcomed in Poznan, not only Poland best dressed city, but the locals appreciate the efforts of a well turned out appearance. Not that the other cities don't, but Poznan is just sexier... There are more girlie type things to do, from spa treatments to the various fashion outlets. Even some of our extreme activities offer special rates for girls with restricted quad bikes and rescue the stud, themed paintball. And without doubt the most important factor was the women themselves. They told us they preferred Poznan, so I won't argue.

Girls having a party - 1stopjamboree

Girls on a jamboree enjoying a few pre party drinks

Wroclaw was claimed by the guys. It was tough, and while no city stood out as the outright winner, Wroclaw's failings were less than the others. In terms of activities, the 3city region had more options, but also did involve more travelling, whereas Wroclaw was more compressed.  But the main reason was the fact that the city is very up and coming, and for Stag do, it hasn't really been exploited yet. Think Prague, Krakow, Bratislava... Great destinations, but a little too popular. We've all heard stories of groups of guys getting turned away from bars for whatever reason.

In Wroclaw the local establishments welcome the custom.  And we strongly believe Wroclaw will, one day become a major stag destination, so better to get in there early.

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